E Safety

E Safety

The internet is a part of our modern fast paced world!  To allow parents to feel confident  about the technology that their child/ren use it is important they familiarise themselves with E Safety.

Why not explore the games and technology that your child wants to use. Try looking out for safety features that may be available.

You may want to set out boundaries for using technology.  What is right and wrong offline is also the same online.  Agreeing rules helps your children understand their limitations online.

The internet can be accessed from lots of devices including smartphones, tablets, computer and games consoles. 

Most devices will have safety settings and monitoring tools which you can use to keep your children safe.  For more information check manufacturer’s website of your devices. 

Your internet service provider can also provide filters to help block age inappropriate content for children, so you could ask them about the services they can offer.

More information regarding online safety can found in the links below or found at the following weblinks: