Admissions Information

The playgroup is run on a voluntary basis by the Headteacher and senior staff to support families within Wyndham Primary School and whilst it adheres to all school policies and systems, it is not part of the statutory provision of the school.

The playgroup has to be fully funded therefore places cost £20.00 per session payable in advance. The playgroup can also provide places for pupils entitled to the “two year old offer”.  The term after a child is 3 years old, places are funded by the government through the local authority and therefore free to parents. Admission to Playgroup follows the same policy as Nursery except where parents choose not to attend Wyndham Primary school, Year 1 to Year 6.

Playgroup runs Monday-Friday from 9am until 12:00pm, there is a maximum of 8 children per session, this enables the playgroup staff to develop a close relationship with the pupils to help support their learning and independence. 


By law a child must attend school at the beginning of the term following his/her fifth birthday or on the fifth birthday if that is the first day of term. The standard number for Nursery is 26. Children may be admitted to the Nursery class once they reach their third birthday. 

Wyndham admits all Reception children in September and, on entry, all Reception children participate in a short period of induction. All admissions information can be found at


**Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to invite visitors into school and therefore are unable to have our usual 'Welcome meetings.' The Head teacher will meet with parents outside and discuss systems but unfortunately can’t show parents and pupils around the building.**