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Admissions Criteria Arrangements

There is a standard Admissions Policy operated by the Local Authority. We have clear procedures for admitting new pupils to the school in order to ensure that their needs are fully understood prior to admission. We also aim to ensure that all pupils receive appropriate support on entry and are all treated equally.
It is vital that any children transferring to Wyndham are fully supported. This requires a considerable amount of preparation since each individual’s needs must be thoroughly assessed in order to offer full entitlement to the curriculum. Therefore, in certain circumstances, the school may need planned time prior to admission in order to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place to cater for exceptional needs and allow full access to educational entitlement.

Newcastle Local Authority


The playgroup is run on a voluntary basis by the Headteacher and senior staff to support families within Wyndham Primary School and whilst it adheres to all school policies and systems, it is not part of the statutory provision of the school.

The playgroup has to be fully funded therefore places cost £20.00 per session payable in advance.  The playgroup can also provide places for pupils entitled to the “two year old offer”.  The term after a child is 3 years old, places are funded by the government through the local authority and therefore free to parents. Admission to Playgroup follows the same policy as Nursery except where parents choose not to attend Wyndham Primary school, Year 1 to Year 6.

The targeted age group for nursery classes attached to schools is pupils who have reached their third birthday on or before 31st August of the year they are admitted.

  1. The presence of a brother or sister in Wyndham Primary School (excluding Year 6)
  2. Any special, social or medical reasons in line with LA policy for reception classes.
  3. The address of the child relative to the school.

The Nursery can accommodate 26 pupils, for places of 30 hours per week. Places are allocated using the LA criteria above. Application forms are available from the school office or downloadable below, and returnable to the school office.


New parents are requested to contact the Headteacher to arrange a visit prior to admission.

Applications for admission to the Reception class up to Year 6 should be made to the Local Education Authority via their Admissions Section on 0191 2787878 or via their website at: